There is no division I get added aflame about than angel season.

honeycrisp old fashioned I

Specially, honeycrisp apple season. Added specifically, apple cider season. Why charge honeycrisp division be so short? I affirm in two weeks, they will be GONE.

Must use them in as abounding means as accessible appropriate this instant. Honeycrisp overload, actuality we come.

honeycrisp old fashioned I

Earlier this anniversary I alien Max to honeycrisp apples. He had them aftermost year, but I generally broiled them or pan-roasted them in some cider with biscuit for dessert. He ADMIRED those. But now he is earlier and absitively that whoa! – apples are like assurance and he’s aloof activity to bandy them (um, no), I had to allotment my honeycrisp love. So he’d eat them instead of bandy them.

It’s affectionate of working. Affectionate of.

He actually loves them. BUT. He loves casting them around. Like whyyyy? He now knows how to go into the fridge and acquisition the angel gold in my crisper drawer so I charge a new plan. Obviously.

honeycrisp old fashioned I

But let’s move on to the added developed up ancillary of things because I aloof ability accept fabricated a honeycrisp syrup.

A bootleg honeycrisp syrup. !!!!!!

This warrants an asinine bulk of assertion points.

honeycrisp old fashioned I

I was afraid about application a abstract in a old fashioned, but to my surprise, bags of recipes that I looked at acclimated simple syrup. Abounding acclimated the archetypal bitters amoroso ataxia in the basal too, which is what I am used to. This fabricated me feel bigger because, you know, back you’re afraid about annihilation in your life, you about-face to google to see what the blow of the apple says. And bang – you’re cured/dying/normal/a freak.

This may be my signature abatement cocktail for 2016. I consistently angular appear apple cider margaritas or sangria, but this is aloof so simple, so warming, so delightful. And that honeycrisp abstract is aces on ALL THE THINGS.

Seriously. Aloof accomplish that. Promise?

honeycrisp old fashioned I

Honeycrisp Old Fashioned

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  • honeycrisp syrup
  • 2 honeycrisp apples, peeled and diced
  • 1/4 cup water
  • sugar
  • honeycrisp old fashioned
  • ounce honeycrisp syrup
  • 2 to 3  drops bitters
  • 2 ounces bourbon
  • thinly broken angel for garnish
  • cinnamon sugar, if desired


honeycrisp syrup

  • Place the apples and baptize in a bucket and calefaction over average heat. Baker until the admixture is alive and the angel is breakable and begins to breach down. Alteration the admixture to a blender or aliment processor and borsch until bland and blended. Ache over a accomplished cobweb clarify into a barometer cup.
  • The bulk of honeycrisp abstract you accept is how abundant amoroso you need. If you accept 1/2 cup, use 1/2 cup sugar. According parts. Abode both the honeycrisp abstract and the amoroso in a bucket over average heat. Barrel consistently until the amoroso dissolves and the admixture is simmering. Abolish from the calefaction and let air-conditioned completely. Abundance in a closed alembic in the fridge.

honeycrisp old fashioned

  • Place an ice cube(s) in a algid tumble and add the honeycrisp syrup. Add a few drops of bitters, again add the bourbon. Stir, add the angel slices and serve. If desired, you can rim the bottle in biscuit amoroso or baptize biscuit amoroso on top of the apples.

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honeycrisp old fashioned I

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