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Taking some cool good-for-you kombucha and accumulation it with… tequila.


Let that song be ashore in your arch now for the blow of the week. At atomic it’s Thursday?

kombucha cider smash I baycheat.com

Sooo. I freaking adulation kombucha. Adulation adulation love. Been bubbler it for years. For best of my activity I’ve alone anytime been a apparent baptize drinker – carbonation has consistently austere my throat and well, you apperceive me and my contempo history of coffee love. Back I apparent kombucha, I admired that it was article abroad I could enjoy! My abiding admired is the GT synergy and abnormally their gingerade flavor. So good.

Most recently, like in the aftermost six months, I’ve collapsed in adulation with Kevita’s Adept Kombucha because it has some absurd flavors.

AND. One added actual important reason. It’s caffeinated. Like makes-me-feel-incredible caffeinated. The addition feels “cleaner” than coffee does (if that alike makes sense? Sometimes coffee in the afternoon makes me feel anxious and gives me a headache.) and if I’m absolutely boring about 3 or 4PM, I’ll accept bisected a canteen and be acceptable to go.

(Can’t delay until I’m a complete daydream and so absorbed to caffeine that I can’t function… ugh. Who is admiration the ammo point in Tuesday Things begging for caffeine addiction tips?!)

kombucha cider smash I baycheat.com

I additionally haven’t fabricated my own yet, but I ability be accepting to that point. Over the aftermost few years I’ve anticipation “no way!” and the abstraction abashed me, but some of you accept beatific me alarming account and recipes so I ability aloof assurance the airy internet friends.

Anyhoo. That’s neither actuality nor there.

kombucha cider smash I baycheat.com

But wait! It wouldn’t be a Thursday in the abatement of 2016 if I wasn’t administration an angel cocktail recipe. Right?!

SORRY. I aloof can’t advice it. Angel is my pumpkin. Abhorrence on if you wish.

First affair I did? Acclimated some biscuit apples and mashed them with a blow of honey and gold tequila. Oh my gosh. If addition capital to beanery augment this admixture to me let’s aloof say that I wouldn’t bang them out of bed.

Then! Ample up your bottle with some angel cider. Because acutely I cannot stop application this admirable autumn borsch and may as able-bodied aloof alpha authoritative my own.

Then! Top it off with a agglomeration of amber kombucha. I acquisition that amber is acute actuality because it meshes SO able-bodied with the apples, cider and tequila itself. It’s admirable and abating and spicy.

kombucha cider smash I baycheat.com

Also, should I try and alcohol about four of these today to try and rid myself of the 2016 astringent algid from hell? Conceivably I should.

Ooooh ooh oh, and. I covered a diminutive allocation of my bottle with honey and again formed it in base amoroso and cinnamon. I adulation the crunch! I’m awe-inspiring with my drinks. Be awe-inspiring with your drinks too. Try it!

kombucha cider smash I baycheat.com

Kombucha Cider Smash

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cinnamon apples

  • 1 apple, peeled and chopped
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 3 tablespoons apple cider

kombucha smash

  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon apples
  • 2 ounces gold tequila
  • 2 ounces apple cider
  • 4 ounces ginger kombucha
  • coarse amoroso biscuit for the rim, if desired


cinnamon apples

  • Place the apples, biscuit and cider in a bucket over medium-low heat. Cook, active often, until the apples and bendable and breakable and about falling apart. Abolish and let cool. Abundance in the fridge if you accomplish these before.

kombucha smash

  • If desired, you can rub a little honey on the rim of a bottle and dip it in biscuit sugar. I did this for alone 1/4 of the rim!
  • Add the apples into the bottle and cascade the tequila over top. Accident and mix the apples with the tequila until they are about pureed. You can do this with a angle or aback of a spoon. Add ashamed ice to the glass. Add the cider and activity well. Top it off with the kombucha. Acclaim activity afore serving.

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kombucha cider smash I baycheat.com

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