Because you guys! These are so easy. And SO good.

pomegranate shandy recipe I

When I accomplished that a amethyst shandy was a thing, there was no axis back. I’m appealing abiding that one of my admired beer brands had amethyst shandy bottled aftermost year, but I haven’t apparent it this year. Maybe I’m authoritative that up. Maybe I dreamt it. Afresh again, at this moment in my life, I’m not necessarily canoeing the beer aisles attractive for beverages.

I did, however, go buy a canteen of wine while badly abundant aftermost weekend so we had it for guests. THAT WAS FUN.

pomegranate shandy recipe I

I am the aboriginal to accept that I am weirdly activity crazy over attic appropriate now. To a point area it’s annoying me. I affirm that it is a abundance thing. I was never this crazy about attic until the abatement of 2014 back I was abundant with Max. I mean, I ADMIRED it but I wasn’t like OMGit’slifechanging and all that. It’s not like I waited all year for it.

Also, I’m BENEATH into attic aroma than I am pumpkin. I like attic flavored things, ablaze on the spice. Get it?

So while I’m cool into that and aflame for the things to come, I’m conceivably alike added aflame for amethyst season. I admire amethyst everything. Like EVERYTHING!

pomegranate shandy recipe I

I’ve fabricated pomegranate BBQ sauce and cobblers and tons of cocktails and bistro amethyst arils appropriate from a basin is my abstraction of heaven. They are so auspicious but acerb but candied and wonderful. I adulation ‘em!

pomegranate shandy recipe I

Last year I fabricated watermelon shandys and while I am all for affairs these and bubbler them from the bottle, they are so accessible to accomplish at home too. It’s addition absolute alcohol for the end of summer because it combines lemonade and beer.

And pom juice, obviously.

Bridges that gap in these funny it’s-hot-out-so-why-is-everyone-into-pumpkin-pie weeks.

pomegranate shandy recipe I

Over Activity Day weekend, we fabricated this September sangria for the anniversary and these amethyst shandys for a little partay. Alike admitting I couldn’t absolutely partake in this goodness, I accept to say that I am so, so aflame about the bootleg pom shandys because appear the end of October… I will be all over those.

I mean, beer is acceptable for your milk accumulation soooo… it will be fiiiiine.

pomegranate shandy recipe I

These are so refreshing, not to acknowledgment the prettiest blush ever. Acerb and beginning and citrusy but almost candied too. You can alike use a extra summer shandy for this and aloof add amethyst abstract and maybe a clasp or two of lemon!

pomegranate shandy recipe I

Because we all appetite to alcohol fuschia beer.

pomegranate shandy recipe I

Pomegranate Shandy

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  • 4 ounces cold amethyst juice
  • 4 ounces cold lemonade
  • 8 to 12 ounces your admired aureate beer – COLD
  • lemon wedges for garnish
  • pomegranate arils for fun!


  • Add the amethyst and lemonade in a chill bottle and stir. Cascade the beer over top, clasp in a auto block and adornment with another. Serve with a admixture of amethyst arils inside.

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pomegranate shandy recipe I

Especially beer with little jewels in it.