This is how you accomplish a hot booze your “thing.”

caramel apple hot toddy I #caramel #apple #cocktail

Add some caramel. Add some honeycrisp syrup. (Have I abracadabra my honeycrisp abstract yet this year? Amuse say no.) Add a slight flow of lemon. Accomplish a hot and mild caramel angel hot toddy!

Then try to acquaint me it’s not your thing. It will absolutely be your thing! I promise.

caramel apple hot toddy I #caramel #apple #cocktail

It’s like the alcohol adaptation of one of those blooming apple, caramel-covered lollipops that you occasionally would get while ambush or treating. One of those sounds so amazing to me at the moment abreast from the actuality that back I chipped my tooth ON A CROISSANT a few weeks ago, I ample that I shouldn’t eat article like a freaking caramel.


And no, I’m absolutely never accepting over the actuality that my tooth chipped on a croissant. EVER.

If a croissant isn’t the best pillow-like aliment there is, I don’t apperceive what is.

caramel apple hot toddy I #caramel #apple #cocktail

Truth be told, I don’t absolutely looooove hot beverages. I’ve talked about this for ages, with it actuality best acceptable the acumen that I didn’t adulation coffee aback in the day and couldn’t absolutely alike accompany myself to appetite get into it. In fact, I don’t adulation beverages at acute temperature, be it hot OR cold. I’m the awe-inspiring being who drinks baptize after ice and what not. You know.

caramel apple hot toddy I #caramel #apple #cocktail

Everyone has consistently talked about how balmy beverages are abating and adequate but I never absolutely acquainted that way. Until I got into coffee that is. Now, I will consistently adopt it iced, but the casual hot coffee is okay. I absolutely adulation hot coffee in the anatomy of eggnog lattes and can’t DELAY for that season.

caramel apple hot toddy I #caramel #apple #cocktail

One affair that you all apperceive I can’t get abaft is tea. To me, tea tastes like bedraggled water. I mean, maybe if I add a ton of milk and amoroso and aroma or article I’d be into it. But approved tea? Meh. Whatever.

So I was abundantly afraid a few years ago back I was absolutely into a hot toddy. Admitting I assumption I shouldn’t be back it contains bourbon?

caramel apple hot toddy I #caramel #apple #cocktail

This is one of theeeee best acidity combinations ever. Your admired bourbon, a baby dosage of caramel that melts into the balmy liquid, the honeycrisp syrup…  ooooohhh. It’s divine. Puhlease let this compound adroitness your weekend.

caramel apple hot toddy I #caramel #apple #cocktail

Caramel Angel Hot Toddy

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  • 2 ounces bourbon
  • 1 tablespoon caramel sauce
  • 1 tablespoon honeycrisp syrup
  • 1 lemon wedge juiced
  • 1/4 cup hot water


  • Fill a cup or mug with the bourbon, caramel sauce, abstract and auto juice. Cascade in the hot baptize and activity until the caramel and honeycrisp abstract dissolves.


Makes 1 drink, is calmly multiplied

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caramel apple hot toddy I #caramel #apple #cocktail

Clearly this is the acknowledgment to everything.