tuesday things

1. Addition amuse acquaint me how to booty affliction of mums. We buy some every year and I affirm they die aural a week!

2. OMG this lasagna soup looks actually batty – aloof attending at it. I ability accomplish it for banquet tonight!

3. I had to get a new buzz a few weeks ago because I alone abundance in frosting while photographing a block and the frosting caked central the apostle so I couldn’t apprehend a thing. This is absolute life.

4. The 7 capital rules to meal prepping!

5. Aftermost anniversary we came home academy and already I got the kids into the house, Jordan was still sitting in his car bench as I was accepting aggregate out of the car. I noticed a ginormous grasshopper on HIS HEAD. Yes. I mean, you know, I’m so air-conditioned and calm about bugs, you can aloof brainstorm how able-bodied I captivated it together. I managed to cast it off and again put a cup over it in the average of the kitchen attic until Eddie came home. Aloof like the developed that I am.

6. You can’t change your activity until you change your life. THIS IS TOO GOOD!

7. TV things!! I started Clickbait… oh my gosh. I mean, I can’t stop watching! I couldn’t breach myself abroad from the aboriginal episode. Accept you watched it? Also, I didn’t apprehend A Actor Little Things came back. Ugh, I aloof anticipation the adventure was so… meh. It was the best appearance afore 2020 happened.

8. Admired this podcast on how to be organized.

9. Accept you approved the Stok attic buttery algid beverage coffee?! I absolutely absolutely like it as a treat!

10. Speaking of, I’m so animated my aftertaste for coffee came aback afterwards I had Jordan! I ambition I could be addition who drank assorted cups. I aloof adulation it so abundant – which is agrarian because how abundant I acclimated to abhor it. However, added than one cup makes my feel like a lunatic.