Finishing off the division with a few summer favorites!

And boring bringing in those adorable abatement flavors too…

What To Eat This Week

Kick things off with the best summer blah and sun broiled amazon chowder! Accomplish it one added time for the season. The dupe cheese croutons ACCOMPLISH it.

Next up, chicken marsala and blooming beans! My mom fabricated this already a anniversary back I was growing up and it’s a huge admired here.

A honeycrisp kale salad for mid-week, to bless the alpha of honeycrisp season. Woohoo!

But summer is still activity strong! Accomplish this summer tortellini carbonara with the blah and beginning basil. It’s delightful.

This cedar axle apricot with asparagus is one heck of a adorable meal too.

Cheeseburger tostadas for the weekend! Wins all around.

For lunches, go with my tomato barbecue toast!! And for breakfasts, a best adorable strawberry cashew smoothie.

What’s on your card this week?!