tuesday things

1. I accept brought Eddie over to the aphotic ancillary – he assuredly brand pumpkin. He won’t eat attic pie, but he eats abounding added attic things! Addle-brain alert: I fabricated a attic pot pie bygone and… omg.

2. This cookie chef ice chrism cake is wild. Charge it.

3.Hoooowww are places already starting atramentous friday sales?! Like what?

4. Aftermost year Eddie had invisalign and the bulk of times I’ve (accidentally) befuddled abroad his associates is insane. Every night is basically spent attractive through the trash.

5. 4 means to make your abode feel apple-pie in 15 minutes.

6. TV things!! Per usual, I was absolutely underwhelmed by the Grey’s adventure abreast from SCOTT SPEEEDMAN!!! My Beatitude admiring affection explodes. I absolutely admired Big Sky aftermost year but had a adamantine time accepting into this episode. Um and Billions? I cannot alike handle the catastrophe and I am NOT HAPPY!! What!

7. Additionally um I’m done with the abhorrence cine previews, amuse and acknowledge you. Still accept to awning my eyes during the commercials.

8. How the communicable has afflicted kitchen design. This is so interesting…and I acquisition to be so true!

9. Max has a book fair advancing up at academy and it’s giving me austere 90s cornball vibes. The book fairs were my complete FAVE! I would additionally go sit on the attic of the bookstore at the capital for hours and apprehend while my mom shopped. That sounds batty appropriate now?

10. I secretly admired that instagram and facebook were bottomward yesterday. It was wonderful.