september reads 2021

I adulation administration what I’ve apprehend so much. And I adulation audition what you guys accept read! I’ve been appealing constant in account three or four books a ages back accepting Jordan. I absolutely am missing my added book months and haven’t got a adventitious to apprehend a book in one night/day for a continued time. But these ones beneath were all appealing good!

I still apprehend best at night on my blaze app, unless it’s my books from book of the month. I will apprehend those in the car or on the weekends.

While I’m befitting my reviews actuality on the blog, bethink that you can chase the goodreads account with what I’m reading, so you can see what I apprehend in absolute time.

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You can find my account lists here and previous What I Apprehend posts here. I’d adulation to apprehend beneath what you apprehend this month!


The Guncle – 5 stars

I ADMIRED THIS. Oh my gosh, it’s aloof so heartwarming. I had started this in the summer but again I had Jordan accidentally aboriginal and didn’t get actual far into it. So animated I went aback to it. The adventure follows Patrick who ends up as guardian to his niece and nephew for a few months – and all the challenges that appear forth with it. Oh my gosh this is aloof so, so good! So funny. You accept to grab this one.

The Bodies We Keep – 4.5 stars

This was a acceptable one too! The adventure follows April who leaves her hometown and abhorrent home activity to acquisition her own way – and ends up in a account absolute coffee boutique boondocks which she thinks is too acceptable to be true. The characters in this book are incredible. April’s adventure is affecting – that is consistently adamantine for me to apprehend back I’m in the postpartum stage. But the catastrophe is account it, as sad as some of this adventure is.

Instructions For Dancing – 3.5 stars

This was one of my books of the ages from aback in the summer and I assuredly got to it! I absolutely admired this adventure alike admitting it started out a tiny bit apathetic for me. But already I got into, I couldn’t stop reading. The adventure follows Evie who takes ball acquaint and meets addition who is her opposite. I admired account about the dances in this book – so anecdotic and the autograph was great. The catastrophe aloof dead me in this! If you apprehend it, you will apperceive what I mean.

Declutter Like a Mother 

I listened to this on audio book on a whim. It was abundant and I absolutely took abroad a few pointers from it! I begin a lot of it to be relatable and abounding of the tips to be astute – it’s not about above minimalism or annihilation like that. Lots of capacity on how ataxia and too abundant being takes abroad time from what we absolutely appetite to do/love. I additionally accompanying to it with accepting kids. It was a quick accept and I got through it in beneath than a anniversary of academy aces up band waits!

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